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Today’s Bookmarks 08/28/2012

  • This book is supposed to lift you from the zero knowledge of WME to someone who should be able to program an adventure game. It’s not a magical formula though and it would still require a hard work and studying from your side. But I believe that this path will be much easier now. Also as a side project you’ll create (starting at chapter 8) a little game which will put the gained knowledge to immediate and practical use. I hope that my focus on practical use of described elements will help you understand the core concepts of WME.

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  • Wintermute Engine Development Kit is a set of tools for creating and running graphical “point&click” adventure games, both traditional 2D ones and modern 2.5D games (3D characters on 2D backgrounds). The kit includes the runtime interpreter (Wintermute Engine, or WME) and GUI editors for managing and creating the game content (WME tools) as well as the documentation, demonstrational data and prefabricated templates.

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Today’s Bookmarks 08/18/2012

  • SLUDGE has always been great. But now, it’s also a programming language. SLUDGE (standing for Scripting Language for Unhindered Development of a Gaming Environment) is a system by which anyone (within reason) can make an adventure game. It runs in any recent version of Windows and now also on Mac OS X and Linux. It’s high-res (any resolution you want) and uses 32-bit colour.

    To make your own SLUDGE games you’ll be needing the SLUDGE Development Kit; to play the games, the SLUDGE Engine is required (it’s included in the development kit download and should typically be distributed along with the games).

    SLUDGE was originally created by Hungry Software and is now free software! It is licensed under the terms of the LGPL (the GTK+ Dev Kit under the GPL) and the source code is available for download.

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  • Welcome to the eAdventure project website

    The eAdventure platform is a research project aiming to facilitate the integration of educational games and game-like simulations in educational processes in general and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) in particular. It is being developed by the e-UCM e-learning research group at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with three main objectives:

    Reduction of the development costs for educational games
    Incorporation of education-specific features in game development tools
    Integration of the resulting games with existing courseware in Virtual Learning Environments
    From this website we wish to promote the use of the tools developed as part of the eAdventure project. The core of the eAdventure project is the eAdventure educational game engine, that runs games defined using the eAdventure language. Authors can use the graphical editor to create the games or directly access the human-readable source documents that describe the adventures using XML markup. With eAdventure, any person can write an educational point & click adventure game.

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Today’s Bookmarks 05/23/2012

  • In this 10-step tutorial, I’ll teach you how to create a “sprite”, which is a stand-alone two-dimensional character or object. The term comes from video games, of course.

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    Glorious Trainwrecks is about bringing back the spirit of postcardware, circa 1993. It’s about throwing a bunch of random crap into your game and keeping whatever sticks. About bringing back a time when you didn’t care so much about “production values”, as much as ripping sound samples from your favourite television shows to use in your game, or animating pictures of yourself making goofy faces on your webcam. Where every ridiculous idea you had, you would just sit down and code. When you would make up a “company name” to legitimize dorking around on the computer with your friends.

    It is not about unfinished, unplayable games. If any part of a glorious trainwreck is terrible, it is terrible in a way that is AWESOME.

    Together, you and I will bring the true spirit of indie gaming back. Yes, you! For this site is about nothing, if it is not about getting off your ass and creating. Wikipedia claims that they used to stage trainwrecks (with empty trains, of course) for the amusement of the general population. Would the world not be a better place if we brought this tradition back?

    It doesn’t matter if you’ve got talent, so long as you’ve got gusto. Your game does not have to be coherent — but it does have to be finished.


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Today’s Bookmarks 05/13/2012

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